The Unspoken Truth Revealed in Embrace

Above them, the blades of the ceiling fan orbited around its base with its gurgling engine breaking the silence barrier in that room.
It had been two minutes. Their laboured gasps ceased into silent breathing, leaving the ceiling fan as the only source of sound at that moment.
The bed was a mix of crumpled cotton and moist skin. She shifted so that she was facing him with her leg resting above his. He responded by sandwiching that leg with his other one.
A smile formed on his lips as calloused fingers moved away wisps of her hair out of her eyes. She smiled in appreciation.
“I thought of something.” She announced meekly.
He only chuckled.
“What is it this time?” He asked in a patronizing tone. This was rewarded by a light smack on his shoulder.
“Well…” She started as she puffed the pillow she was using before settling back down once more.
“Dandelions?” He repeated.
“Yes. Those small white furry things growing amongst the grass. They are considered as weeds, right?”
He nodded, urging her to continue.
“Weeds are normally removed but these things are so cute so people don’t. If they do, they blow into them and make wishes.”
He grunted in reply.
“It is funny to think that something good can come from things deemed to be bad.”
He smiled before pulling her close into his arms. She then buried her face into his neck. He kissed her forehead and bade her good night. She replied by pressing her lips against his neck. Dandelions and other good things then filled the rest of his night.


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