Blogtober Challenge 2: Mightier Than The Sword


Welcome to the second day of my Blogtober challenge! I am not only welcoming you but I am also welcoming myself! I have yet to stick to a commitment and hopefully this will be the first.

I was tasked to share my favorite quotes. Well, I have so many so if I stated them all here then this post might even be twice as long as my first Blogtober entry.

I do 90% of my blogging on my tablet. I use a USB keyboard case to get the job done. From the outside, you can only see purple synthetic leather. Once opened, it reveals the keyboard and a list of quotes that I have written at the inner side of the case. These quotes are reminders of who I was, who I am, and who I aim to be. Some are just so fun to write down along with the others. They have no order of importance as to how I will write them below.

Fun Fact: Each quote can be traced back to a specific fandom, character, or celebrity. Yes, I am a fangirl. Deal with it. I will write below each quote and a shorty as to how it is relevant to me (or not.). Let us play a game. Let us see if you can guess from which are the quotes taken from. Ehehehe

1. “It was all started by a mouse.”

This reminds me to always look back to where I came from no matter how far or how high I have gone.

2. “We’re all mad here.”

There is no such thing as ‘truly sane’. We all have those moments. It is not an isolated case.

3. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

This might be one of the most clichéd lines in the fandom universe but it is one of the truest too.

4. “I will fight.”

I can never ever stop moving. I can never stop fighting. For no one else will fight for me but myself.

5. “Trust my rage.”

People tend to show their true colors when they have experienced the lowest of the low. A reminder to never resort to rage and to learn to harness my anger when I need to.

6. “It’s dangerous to go alone.”

Be prepared. Be equipped. Not all the time will there be someone there to save you.

7. “Don’t blink.”
8. “I need to go to my mind palace.”

Anything can be done if I put my mind into it. It is a matter of focusing.

9. “Winter is coming.”
10. “Always.”


11. “Not those who wander are lost.”

This relates me to my travels and that feeling of exploration.

12. “Everything is a choice.”


13. “One’s craziness is another’s reality.”
14. “We’re all damaged in our own way.”

This is my support to Quote 2.

15. “Let’s always be stupid.”

Sometimes, all we need to do is to smile and have fun.

16. “Why so serious?”
17. “It’s putting on a mask.”

This sums up my current state.

18. “Society does not define your beauty.”

You do.

So yeah, those are the quotes that are written on my USB keyboard. Were you able to guess the answer? Hints are in the tags.

BUT, there is one quote that I really and truly live by. If there is one quote that defines all my ideals, aspirations, and actions then this is that one quote. I am proud to say that I am also the quote’s author.

Love perfectly imperfect creatures.

There is not one single being in this entire universe that is born perfect. We are all made to be flawed. We were destined to make mistakes. We were created with the certainty that we will make bad choices. We were all our own versions of right and wrong.

There is such a beauty in it. The more flawed, the more shattered, the more broken a person is; the more compelling, the more influential, the more shaking will his words and actions be. It is a sweet irony. The more perfect that you are then the more boring that you become.

Imagine a perfect man. He gets what he wants. He is the epitome of everything. He is the most powerful. Now I ask. What does he do with his life? He has nothing to pursue. He has nothing to cherish. He has nothing to live for. Hello zombie but without the disease.

We all know that we make mistakes. Then, I ask you, my flawed friend, why is it so hard to love those who make mistakes too? It is unfair to expect others to not let you down or to be just like you when it is something that could not be helped. This is the motivation for people. We should learn to love others. They may not be as the same as we are but they deserve the care and compassion that we are receiving. In the end, we are all flawed.

Why condemn a man for his wrongs? Why turn away from a person because he has no left arm? Why ignore a person because his favourite color is not blue? Why think of yourself as above everyone else when you are no more perfect than the commoner sitting beside you?

I vowed to myself that I will never judge. I will always keep an open mind. I will always exert to understand. I will always be good to others no matter what.
Who am I anyway? A 22-year-old woman afraid of the person that she is becoming and is struggling to become a human again.
I am just as flawed.


10 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge 2: Mightier Than The Sword

  1. Hi 🙂 I found out that in the end it`s all those flaws I love on people, not that they`re perfect. It was always like this. That`s what makes some people more special for me! Also, I read your post in the office and then went home through a square full of angel sculptures. Where is the man with the blue box when I need him?! I was honestly scared 😀 But just a little bit XX


    • LOL! I honestly laughed at that. Yes, as I am born and raised in a family full of flawed people whom trained me to be more understanding and giving, I find it a daily past time to find beauty in the flaws of people. It is so surreal that we are all different yet at the same time all alike.


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