Blogtober Challenge 3: White Girl Scout Cookies


My white go-to essentials

Hello to the third day of my Blogtober Challenge.
Today, I am tasked to share my everyday essentials.

I technically do not have any everyday essentials. What I do have are things that are essential to me based on where I use them. (Art, photography, going out, writing)

I decided to discuss the things that I never leave behind when I am go out of the house. As it could be seen from above, they are mostly white in color. It is part coincidence that they are. You, I like my things color coordinated. But, I do not choose a color then go from there. The color just happens to appear so I follow it. For example, my godmother gave me a travel toiletry case for Christmas. It was pink in color so I had almost all the items inside there pink as well. The same goes for my photography stuff (blue-green), my gadget and personal stuff (purple), and my art and writing things (brown). Same for almost all my stuff hehe.


Photography essentials


Writing essentials



For my white essentials…

1. Gatsby Powdered Sheet and Oil Control Sheet

I always had a problem with my oily skin growing up. I could not recall how many times I have switched pressed powders. I was going for its ability and compact structure. Then, those oils control sheet became a trend. I was so happy because I can stuff those things inside the back pocket of my jeans and there will be no buldge. Although, I was switching from one brand to the next because I find myself using up one whole sheet for less than a month and it was causing me a small fortune. Then, I came across Gatsby as it was what the male flight attendants were using. I had to try it out as it is known that men had oilier skin than women. It was perfect. One sheet is enough so the pack lasts for at least two months with me. So, this is what I use for touch-ups when. I need to powder my nose. I use the oil control sheet first then the powdered sheet after. It is so effective.

2. Alexander McQueen skull compact mirror

I am an avid fan of McQueen’s work. I love how he could incorporate natural elements into his fashion pieces and make them the highlight of his wardrobe. I also love how he could conjure whimsical and eccentric ideas and execute them beautifully on the catwalk.
During my one of the many trips that I had to London (yes, I am in love with London), I visited the V&A Museum as part of my museum-hopping agenda that day. Lucky for me, there was McQueen exhibit. Sadly for me, the entrance fee was to expensive for my budget. So, I satisfied myself with this £5.00 compact mirror. No regrets. If I lose it, hopefully I don’t, then I will.

3. Mintia mints

Mintia is a mint tablet brand created by Asahi, the famous food and beverage company from Japan. Again, I just saw some of the attendants using it. The mint flavor was comparably as strong as Altoids but I liked that it was so thin. It was half the width of my pinkie. So, during my overnight stay in Japan, I bought every single flavour as the varieties were similar to Icebreakers. The awesome thing is that it costs 69yen each (80¢ estimate conversion).

4. Silicon beaded rosary bracelet

Another godmother gave it to me. I have this stuffed inside the front pocket of my uniform jacket whenever I go to work. When on leisure days, I wear it on my wrist. We are not allowed to wear jewellery with the crew uniform, see. If it so ever the chance comes that you have a flight in our flag carrier and you see an attendant dishing this out of her pocket during the take-off and landing roll of the plane, please do not hesitate to approach me and say ‘hi’. Don’t be confused though as I use a different name inflight.

5. Parker pen

Yeah, I know that it is not white but, honestly, who does not leave their house without a pen? I used this to scribble down important notes and to write down ideas and stuff that I think of while I am on the road.
The godmother who gave me the toiletry kit gave this to me the Christmas before that. Oh, congratulations to her for having a healthy and beautiful first born.

So there, what do you think? What are your essentials?


8 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge 3: White Girl Scout Cookies

  1. I love that your supplies are colour- coordinated. Now I want to do the same.
    I am also a big fan of Alexander McQueen, and considering that I am not a fashionista the fact that I even know his name is telling. He was an artist.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah! It is! Well, as of now, Fujifilm is the top brand for instant photo production. The latest model is always the best because they really update it with greater features. It really depends on what are you looking for in an instant camera.


        • I went to JB HiFi awhile ago and checked their Instax cameras. Mine is the Mini 25. It has a flash, light/dark option, a selfie mirror and it can do landscape photography. I use it mainly on groupies and to capture important events like get togethers and parties. It depends on when you will use it. There are models now that can do zoom, self timing and tripod support.


  2. The layout of your post is nice. Shame you missed the exhibition, I went to see the McQueen Exhibition twice! the first time my mind was totally blown and I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Had to go back to take it in with a more reserved and intelligent frame of mind, still left spell bound with books and postcards. The play is still on I think, I went to see that too…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw thanks! I’m glad that you enjoyed the exhibition. Now, I know that it must have been worth it. And now, I regret not going. I think the play goes on until the last week of October.


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