Blogtober Challenge 6: How to Mix and Match Clothes for a Three-Day Layover

How lucky am I? I am currently in Melbourne, Australia for a layover and I was planning to do an outfit post. Then, Blogtober Challenge 6 decided to be about my outfit for the day.

I am not just showing one but three outfits combinations!!! Hoorah! Let us take a break from the seriousness as I share how I mix and match clothes for a layover.

Tips for packing clothes

1. Search the latest fashion trends.

I usually search on Google the place and season of the fashion trend. Example, for this time, I search Melbourne spring Street fashion 2015. Then, I scan the images for any recurrent themes and items. Then, I search articles from Elle or Vogue or the like for their fashion trend report. I saw a recurrence of leather, turtlenecks with shorts, and open-toe sandals.

2. Pack clothes for multiple use.

Later on, I will post the clothes that I brought for my Melbourne layover. You will notice that I have never changed my bag and shoes. I try to make my outfits versatile so that I do not have to pack a different pair of shoes for each outfit. Also, I used my leather shorts twice.

3. Always bring a jacket and a scarf.

The weather is always unpredictable in Australia so I always bring cold gear just in case. Same goes with everywhere. It is always smart to bring either or both a jacket and a scarf.

4. Check the weather

     Unless you wish to be covered up in a sea of skin then don’t.

5. Accessories go a long way.

You never need to have expensive or numerous clothes to feel good. I am absolutely in love with accessories. It completes the mood and personality of the wearer of the outfit.

Okay, posted below are the outfits that I planned to wear on my Melbourne trip.


So, I got the blue and white blouse at Forever 21 as also the leather shorts. The Nine West bag is something that I borrowed from my mother. The strappy wedge heel sandals are from Payless Shoe Source.

Here is the next one.


See how I used the same bag and shoes? They still work with this outfit. The printed knitted crop top is from H&M while the leather skirt is from Philosophy. Notice that, as from how I researched, open toe sandals and leather are the things for spring. It is good to apply one or two trend elements in your outfit.

This is the last one.


The leather shorts had a repeat performance with this outfit. My shoes and bag are a consistent factor. See the trend? Turtleneck with shorts. Embracing spring while lingering on winter. I got this green blazer from Forever 21. This is my jacket for the whole layover which I could use whenever I get cold.

Below are pictures of the outfits while worn.




So what do you guys think? How do you mix and match clothes when you travel?


11 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge 6: How to Mix and Match Clothes for a Three-Day Layover

  1. I love the shorts. I have some black linen city shorts which are really versatile.
    Your tips are great – your experience is obvious – and you write really well when the subject is your area of expertise.
    Great piece.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, right? The temperature was 33-35°C while I was there then I saw that it dropped to 17° in a span of one night! Glad you like the challenges! Thanks for commenting.


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