Blogtober Challenge 7: Struggling to Name My Blog

Who would have thought that I could continue on my Blogtober Challenge streak? This is considering that I was on layover on Melbourne for the past five days. This meant that I had early morning wake-up calls and late-night arrivals at the hotel. I have to admit that I have written the last two Blogtober Challenges while my eyes were half-closed and my brain half-asleep. Forgive me for its poor execution.

Well, now that I am back in the Philippines, I am alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic. Yeap, that’s an old nursery rhyme. And yeah, I’m also convincing myself that I have already recovered from the lack of sleep.

For today’s challenge, I was to share about how the name of my blog came to be. This is the story of Struggling To Be A Human Being.

Once upon a time…
There was a young woman who wanted to write.
She really did wanted to write.
She wrote stories, poems, drabbles, and the like.
She wrote to pass the time.

She wrote and others wrote to her.
Her letters were getting better.
To her it was and to that she was dapper.
She supposed that things ended sooner than later.

Others wrote less until they wrote no more.
Perhaps she was not what they are looking for.
She put down her pen and left the form.
Maybe writing was not for her anymore.

But she really wanted to write.
She tried and failed and another strike.
“Three and you’re out” that was a fight.
Scared she was but she wanted to write.

“What to say?” She asked one day.
Slam! Bam! Boom! Life blocked her way.
A trial and a fault every single day.
She scratched her head and sighed in dismay.

Doubt was all over her heart and head.
All the good was starting to feel dead.
She wondered when had empathy fled.
Her purpose became suddenly bright as red.

She has to write and she now knew why.
There lots like her and not all “me” and “I”.
She wrote to wish losers never cry.
Words to hope for the peace of every mind.

She wished the truth was just as she thought.
All had ideals and ideals are to be fought.
The truth really was that it can be bought.
Whoever wins is on the top by default.

She was raised living never to go outside.
She knew not that it was so dark despite.
Her house was bright and all wore smiles.
Who knew smiles outside were to secretly defile.

“All is good” she believed that.
There is good even if there is wrath.
She wanted to prove that is was a fact.
She has to move and immediately act.

She started a blog to post.
Third time already, she fails then she is lost.
Her last (maybe) chance to prove her point.
There is good in all and all is not lost.

A name. A name to present it all.
Simply “C.A. Villeta” was the first off the wall.
She thought that the blog will certainly fall.
As the name is of herself and the posts were not of her call.

She thought and she thought some more.
Maybe “Anonymous Care” might be of good show.
She doubted that it would as the name was a chore.
It sounded more of a syndicate status than her aim to soar.

How about “How to be a Human?”
That did not sound so bland.
Yet she thought not of the plan.
She would be a hypocrite as she too was learning to be a man.

Learning and listening to the teachings of the land.
Struggling to live in God’s light and hand.
She knew all was good but all could not see the brand.
I am a human being so I am grand.

Grand was good and good is living.
Not all was going in full of their being.
Even she was trying to do more than surviving.
If all moved then all had a chance of winning.

On her sleeve her heart was worn.
She used that to write what she thought was torn.
Faith in humanity restored was the call of her horn.
Thus, “Struggling To Be A Human Being” was born.


9 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge 7: Struggling to Name My Blog

  1. “All is good” she believed that.
    There is good even if there is wrath.
    She wanted to prove that is was a fact.
    She has to move and immediately act.”

    Yes, thank you! I read your beautiful poem twice. Not only because english is not my native language, but because I found myself somewhere between those lines. I feel empathy and happy sadness.

    Liked by 2 people

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