Blogtober Challenge 9: Sending In The Welcoming Committee

I am already nine days into the challenge. Can you believe it???? Nine days!!! I almost lost my streak too!

With much love and support, I pursue on and today’s task is about creating an introduction post to new readers.

There are things that I decided upon as I was making this post.

1. I decided to turn the post into a permanent page on the site.

2. I started writing as a roleplayer on Kik and Instagram. So, I felt it appropriate to start the new readers by engaging them in something that I know that I am good at. That is to create roleplay starters. Besides, I started as a roleplayer then I might as well introduce the blog via roleplay too.

3. I used a dog as a representation of myself in the roleplay. This maintains the anonymity and the flexibility of my identity as the author of this blog. Also, this serves as homage to Barney, our first family dog. He was a white shih tzu with brown spots. He died a few months ago after almost five years of being with us.

Now, I present to you my introduction post.

Hope you like it. Tell me what you think!


13 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge 9: Sending In The Welcoming Committee

  1. I slowly push the book sniffer door. As I peek in, the fresh breeze suddenly strikes my face. After few moments of meditation I finally decide to walk in, hesitantly. I push the door even further and see the spacious room with wooden, parquet-like floor. In the middle of the room the gracious gobeline spreads from the one side to another, though leaving edges of the den naked. Only now I notice a large, baroque window is half-opened, letting chilly winds in. With the expression of dissatisfaction I close the door tardily and proceed to the next stance.

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    • (May I just squeal for a moment? My mind is going “OMFG SOMEONE IS ROLEPLAYING! SOMEONE IS ROLEPLAYING WITH ME! WITH ME ON WORDPRESS! I JUST…I THINK I AM GOING TO FAINT.” You shut it. Your writing is beautiful! I like your use of words as I admittedly had to Google up some of them. You have great potential.)


  2. As the man in perfectly tailored black suit and necktie turns around, he smiles. This stranger with an umbrella in his left hand slightly touching the ground suddenly takes his black hat off and in a bending gesture full of gratitude says “It`s been my pleasure”.

    L.- thank you for those kind words, but you presented me with a stage and role to play here! 🙂

    S- I seriously lol`d on your comment!

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    • Hahaha sorry. I could not help but be happy about it.

      Leen sat timidly on his pillow, licking his nose before shaking his ears away from his eyes. He had a foolish grin as his tongue lolled out on the side, his tail wagging consistently.
      “Come back, okay?” He called out before he let out a happy bark.


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