Blogtober Challenge 10: Twist. Lick. Dunk.

The tenth Blogtober Challenge is about a review of my favorite.

I am loyal to only one brand. You would not find me consuming any of its competitors.

A woman walked into the grocery store one day. She had the stance of a lioness. Her black pinstriped suit fitted her perfectly from the collar of her shirt to the hem of her trousers. She had a regal frown etched on her ruby lips as she walked down the aisle to collect her rations for the week.

The thumping sound of her heels as she pushed her cart as she walked. She thought that grocery shopping was tedious. It was a chore that she wished that she would give to the maids but they always arrived home with a fault in their shopping.

Her list contained fat-free milk, oats, zuccini, argan oil among many other things. She thought of her figure perfect and her skin immaculate. She was determined to keep it that way.

She continued to journey down the aisles until her eyes lingered on the assortment of sweet treats. Sugar. Urgh. It was an easy task for her to walk past those sinful confectioneries. That was until her eyes landes on a specific one.

She stopped and picked up the blue package. It has been too long since she ate one of those.

‘She would go home from playtime with a scraped knee or arm. Her mom always scolded her for being so clumsy while she washed her wounds. She would always cry from the mixed feelings of her mother’s anger and the stinging sensation of the ointment being used.

One day after another session of scolding and washing, her mother presented her a blue package and a glass of milk. She picked up the package and read the label.


Her mother opened the package up and took out a cookie sandwich from it. She dumped the sandwich onto her glass of milk and handed it to her to eat. She took it dutifully and nibbled at one side.

Her mother took another cookie and pressed the cookies together until the cream oozed out. She then watched as her mother lick the cream off the side. Looking at her own bitten cookie sandwich, she did the same.

After that, they had Oreo sessions when she did something good at school or when the opportunity felt right.’

She in her pinstriped suit continued to examine the blue package in her hand. Slowly, a small smile broke through the barrier of her regal ruby lips.

She placed the Oreos in her cart and moved along to continue with her shopping.

Yeah, I am a self-proclaimed Oreo Ambassadress. Just like Magic Mike, I would trade all of those fancy cakes and treats for a pack of Oreos any day.

What do you think? What is your favorite product?


15 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge 10: Twist. Lick. Dunk.

    • Hahahaha. Oh, while you’re here then I might as well ask. How do I comment on your posts? I’ve been wanting to for a long time as your thoughts are interesting but I just could not find the commenting section.


    • Thank you! Honestly, the cookie sandwich is not really that remarkable. It tastes less sweet than most which I like but the main reason why I stick to it is because I grew up with it.


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