Blogtober Challenge 11: Sneak Peek Clumsy

Today’s post marks that I am currently 1/3 of the way to completing all Blogtober Challenges.

Today, I am supposed to share a sneak peek behind-the-scenes look of my blog.

Struggling To Be A Human Being has not even celebrated its first monthsary yet.

This blog is new, thus, I have no routine yet as to how I fill the blog up with content. I am still struggling, actually. As of the moment, I am still adjusting to the responsibility of posting everyday via Blogtober, making connections with fellow bloggers, desperately trying to gain more reach, and providing more crisp and engaging visuals to support and colorfy my posts.

Despite that, I have been writing for two years now. Even then, I had no proper routine. I wrote when when I wanted. I posted my content when I felt like it. Yet, as a writer, I have more concrete processes on how I conjure my content than on how I materialize them into cyberspace.

As I have stated in my previous posts, I started as a multiple character roleplayer. I actually still do roleplays but with exclusivity. Besides creating roleplay games back then, I write simulative imagines, short stories, and fanfiction. Blogging is a true challenge for me as I was more adept to creative writing.

These are how I manage to come up with stories to tell during my roleplaying time.

1. Even before I started to write, I like watching people. I get relaxation by sitting at a park bench and just observing people. When I did started to write, I tried to study people and think of what they could have gone through to get to their present predicament.

2. I have always been an over-thinker. So, instead of thinking of what could have happened if I have done things differently, I write down what I thought would be the change.

3. I enjoy talking to old people. They always had a sparkle in their eyes whenever they tell stories from their past. It is like magic to think that these seniors used to be lovesick puppies or determined workers before.

4. I get my inspiration mostly from my own experiences as I grow up and those of my loved ones. Not one of us had things easy despite it appearing that we did.

5. I like making different scenes in my head. Ever since. I was just too foolish to never think of writing those scenes down on paper. I never thought that it would be worth anything.

Once I have an idea for a new character or a roleplay game starter, I write them down on paper. There is some sort of physical satisfaction that I get whenever I use a pen to add and cross out ideas.

When I decided to create Struggling To Be A Human Being, I did not know how I would start. I was a creative writer. I know nothing of putting my opinions and discussing them on paper. I know nothing of giving tips and tricks. I know nothing about writing current events. I write stories.

These are how I mange to adapt my roleplaying techniques into blogging.

1. I lost the free time that I used to have once I started working. My people watching became photo watching. I would scan the photos that I took during my layovers and try to make stories out of them.

2. I try to make the stories as short as possible. I did not know if creative writing is something widely accepted in the blogging world.

3. I also try to make my stories discuss a specific scene which could be applied to a vague topic. I tried to write stories that could have as many readers relating to it as possible. It was my way of making those empathy/ inspiration post.

4. If I was to make a list or tutorial post then I would make it as simple as possible yet still be something that I knew that I could make.

5. I joined as many blogging groups as possible just as how I joined as many roleplaying communities possible before.

To be honest, the Blogtober is a blessing in disguise. It forces me to get adjusted and to create my own style of blogging. I still have a long way to go.

There is not much behind-the-scenes to talk about when it comes to this blog. I am still in the construction phase of the foundation of my blog. Behind the scenes is something that you do while your are staging a production. I am still building the venue.


8 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge 11: Sneak Peek Clumsy

  1. So you want to tell me that there`s someone else who loves watching people and making different scenarios of situations that never happened in their heads?
    When I was little, I thought I was weird because of that. Now I know that`s not true, but still, it`s good to know 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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