Blogtober Challenge 15: I Love This Blogger Because…

Halfway through the month and now I am panicking. I learned of the topics of the next few challenges and I am scared as I do not have an answer to most of them. Just like this one…

Who is a blogger that you admire?

Did you experience ever doing something without knowing what that something is all about?
Like diving into a pool without knowing how to swim?
Or perhaps eating something without realizing it is made of something as unconventional as wood worm?
Maybe like when you had your very first haircut?
Or the very first day at school?

That was blogging for me.

For my fascination for movies, art, literature, and many others, I spent a good time sitting by the bleachers and watching the boys play until I find myself watching a specific player and telling myself “Oh, that one is good.” Then after that, I build up the courage to play along and then did.

When I started to blog, I just did.

Although this blog is my third attempt, never did I thought of building up my fascination for it. I did not actively sought out blogs to read until I knew what I was looking for in one.

It is just now that I am zealous in communicating with other blogs as I am serious about this one now. I have not celebrated my first monthsary yet, so as sad as it may sound, I am not admiring any blogger. Yet.

It sounds so selfish and cruel, does it not?
Here I am, just blogging and blogging without actually having any other person in my field to look up to. I just realized how selfish that sounds. It is in between the lines of “I don’t look up to people. People look up to me” and “I am just careless so I just did it”.

Do not get me wrong. There are blogs that I find outstanding. There are times when I read a blog entry that I would curse to myself in my head and wished that I have thought of what he did. Then there are times that I would read a blog entry and be so engrossed in what he was talking about that by the time that I reach the comment section, I would compose my thoughts first before I write as my comment could be another entry all on itself. Then, there are those virtual slow clap-worthy blogs too.

But I have not found my “He stands out so I follow him wherever he goes” blog yet.

I actually thought to search for a great blog for the past few days and post him as the blog that I admire. But then, I don’t lie here. And I have no plans on starting.

I wished that I sat by the blogging bleachers first before I started to join the community. Perhaps, I was so excited that I forgot. Perhaps, I deliberately forgot about it. I don’t know.

Forgive me for my foolishness and assumed narcissism.


8 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge 15: I Love This Blogger Because…

  1. This is so my issue, so I steered clear of this topic for a while, for me it was more that I didn’t want to get too much of another’s voice in my ‘voice’ as I am still trying to find my voice. Yet, there are as you said many whose work I find brilliant and those that just draw you in. I will get the courage to write tackle this topic I think perhaps….? p.s are we not all a little narcissistic šŸ˜‰ ?

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    • I am glad that I am not alone in this. In honesty, I find all of the bloggers in our challenge amazing and there are some that have acquired my attention more often than others. I chose to not state any names in fear that I will be biased and that I know within myself that my attention has not fully moved to admiration yet. I hope you get to answer this topic then again I would rather you not at all if you are not comfortable with it.


  2. And you will never find blog you can blindly follow. I hope you won`t! Dear Lady of Imagination, I wish that your source of admiration would be you in the future. At least that part of yourself responsible for these exceptional posts!

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    • See? I don’t really think that I have the heart to single one blog out especially in my situation. There is no single blog in my existence that really inspired me to go forward. Well, yet. Thus, it would be so biased to mention one or two or three when I clearly know that I have not found my One blog yet among the sea of brilliant ones.


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