Blogtober Challenge 16: The Possibility of Assurances

This question has been asked a million of times. It is in par with the famous glass content question.

16 days has past since the start of Blogtober and, must I say, this is the easiest yet. I can answer this in a heartbeat.

The 16th day is about the topic of uncertainty.

What would you ask your future self?

I won’t.

I believe in fate and that the decisions that we make and things that we do can change everything that is to pass.

The future is fragile and ever-bending.

If I were to ask anything from my future self, I would be given information that would corrupt my judgement. What if I did not like the answer? What if I did like it? Then my actions and decisions would be leading to whatever I wished will be the outcome of my reaction to that answer.

No, I would not allow myself be imprisoned by that trap.

The mere fact that I have a future self to ask is already a great amount of information to me. I have a future self. That is something to greatly rejoice about. My future self is an answer as itself. Her existence already controls me.

I have a future self. I have the certainty that I will not die one second from now. Who knows when but it is certainly not now.

If I were to ask my future self anything then I would rather smile, give her a kiss on the cheek, a pat on the back, and a hug.

Then I would walk away with happiness in my heart and fear in my mind.

What would you do?


11 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge 16: The Possibility of Assurances

  1. I would ask 20 questions, as I know it’s not possible. I agree with you & would be worried about the answers tho. Life is fragile that’s for sure & all we have for certain is what we have at this moment right now!

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  2. Don’t really want to know anything about my future, just want to take it one day at a time – if I have a future it means I am still fighting like a trooper; wounded but pressing on. Great post Cavilleta

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  3. I completely agree. I asked a little about others but I don’t want to know about myself. You can’t live your life like that – I firmly believe that it stops you from actually ‘living’ it.

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  4. Yes. Again you didn`t failt to meet expectations 😀 First thing I thought of were time paradoxes involved in this question. Would my future be the same if I meet my future self? Is it even possible? Every good theory tells us that such a meeting is futile. It would be fun though! 🙂

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