Blogtober Challenge 17: Empathy For The Newbie

What gives me the right to preach? What gives me the authority to say what must be done? What makes me accountable for all that I can advice?

Blogtober Challenge 17 is all about the tips that I could give to new bloggers. It sounds quite unreliable that I, a new blogger, will tell other new bloggers what to do to get better in their craft.

That is the purpose of Struggling To Be A Human Being. I am here to empathize. I know hard it is to start a new blog. I am not here to give tips. I would rather call them personal experiences of mine that works for me.

If I were to help another blogger, I would…

1. Help them find their niche. It helps really well that a blog has a specific theme and target market to cater to. It gives focus on what posts to write and what strategies to use to capture that market.

2. Support them in what they love. It is quite irrelevant for one to start a blog just because it is a popular topic. One may go into fashion and lifestyle because that is the trend. Unless it is truly one’s passion then one would find no inspiration to write which will lead to half-baked posts and half-hearted results. Trust me, I learned the hard way.

3. Find their selling point. Although my blog is about life and travel experiences and thoughts, my selling point is creative writing. I know that I excel in that field so I capitalize on that. For some, it might be criticism then I would sugger a review-type blog. If one is adept in imaginative drawing then he could create an art piece that could summarize the point of his posts.

4. Capitalize on social media and never get tired of it. Even I admit that I am still adapting to this one but I can see the boost in views and engagement to my poata if I spend some time sharing and liking things. Join as many blogging (relevant ones) groups as you can and get involves in their posts. Frequent Twitter. There may be a lot of tips on how to increase followers but I have only two that really works. Use hashtags. Tweet frequently.

5. Be patient. Unless you are the next New York Times Bestselling author, blogging is not easy. There may be times that your blog is a ghost town. There are times that it is made for Christmas. Just continue to push forward and you will eventually meet your goals.

So to fellow newbies out there, you may take from my own experience, you may read as many blogging posts as you like, you may just go on ahead and dive in. One thing is certain for success. Don’t give up and continue to move forward.

Is this any helpful to anyone? Do you have anything to add or share to the topic? We all need help here anyway.


9 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge 17: Empathy For The Newbie

  1. My experience with twitter is not as good; mainly because nobody in Europe uses twitter, maybe with the exception of UK and some folks 🙂 But I can see the progress there too.
    Good tip on seeling points too, I feel like I didn`t find my own yet. Struggle on and keep going, my dreamer 🙂

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