Blogtober Challenge 20: The Evolution of My Workspace

I wish I have a desk. I wish I did. I used to have one. During my school days.

Once I stepped into the alumni batch, my parents thought it fit to disassemble and dismantle my desk.

My heart broke.

I was proud of it. I used to have those Re-Ment miniatures and cute little pencil holders. Then I used to have those colorful notepads and notebooks. I had assorted clear books and those Japanese DIY magazine on the top shelf of my desk.

When my school desk was destroyed, my things were brought outside and packed in garbage bags. I had to go out one night and do some scavenger hunting.

At least, I had one picture of it. Well, I tried looking for it. I can’t find it anywhere. Let me just sob in a corner for two minutes.

When I started to go into cabin crew training up to my first year of flying, I has shifted my amusement for my late great school desk to my bedroom headboard. It had Pop! Figures and photos of myself in large gold-leaf frames. I also had my notebooks and Harry Potter memorabilia. Then, I was also proud of my growing snowglobe collection.


My bedroom headboard during my post-school and pre-flying years

After my first year in flying, I transferred all my stuff to a glass cabinet. I only left my notebooks on my headboard resulting in my current ‘desk’.

my desk

My current ‘desk’

So yeah, its a mess.

The box contains assorted art supplies, too many and too much of an assortment to mention.

I miss my old desk. Although, the lack of desk taught me to work with what I have and to maximize my thoughts and ideas.

I guess it was all good in the end. It will still sound good to have a proper desk though.


15 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge 20: The Evolution of My Workspace

  1. Here here on the messy creative types!! hehehe, to be fair the areas I do all my creative blurb in the house are an ‘organised mess’ meaning I know where everything is but no one else does. I feel the your pain for your lost desk – you’ll find another one to love soon…am sure of it.

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    • I get you so much! I remember that my mom was furious with me my whole school life cause my desk was chaotic. She attempted to arrange it all one day when I was at school then when I went home I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown (exaggerating here, of course) because I don’t know where my stuff was. She said she threw most cause she thought it was garbage. That led to a looooonnnngggg fight. I think that is a reason why she removed my desk once I graduated from college hehehe. I do hope so. Thank you for the comfort 🙂

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  2. I swear I get so excited to read your blog posts haha!
    My room is now that room my mother decided to convert into type of room she’d use everyday but now it only gets used the once or twice a year I’ m home by me. All my cute crap has also been packed away into bin bags … tears.

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  3. So we all know that feeling after returning home for a visit and finding out our old room had been transformed, in my case warehouse for various office papers. Mom, where are those tiny little bears I used to fall asleep with? You can take an educated guess

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  4. It is strange isn’t it how you become so attached to the objects in your life that muster up fond memories. When I moved out and my Mum and Dad repainted my bedroom my heart sank. Perhaps I ought to have had some pictures of it in all of it’s glory. x

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