Cebu’s Finest: Casa Verde Restaurant Review

For someone who denies being called a critique, I give out a lot of reviews.
Just like what I said during my For One More Day and my Black Mass reviews, I am writng in the point-of-view of a spectator.

In food, like what I said during my Liebster post, I call myself a gourmet gobbler. I eat food with finesse. Anything that can be digested, Im all for it from the most-expensive cup of coffee (only in the PH) in the whole world to the freshest service of live woodworm (yeap, in the PH too).

I don’t know how to cook. I know how to eat. I don’t know the measurement of extreme flavor. I don’t know the meaning of all those descriptions that people use in food shows. As long as that stuff sends me to heaven when I take a bite out of it then I am all good.

Cebu is famous for their lechon (slow-roasted pig). It is a famous Filipino delicacy and the Queen City of the South makes the best in all the nation.

So, a trip to Cebu will not be complete without it!

Not for me.
I can skip the lechon.
What I can’t skip is a visit to my favorite restaurant in the whole world.
That, my hungry peeps, is Casa Verde.

Casa Verde's original restaurant sign

Casa Verde’s original restaurant sign

What I love

  1. The interiors are so retro. It has wall installations of sports gear, movie posters, and travel memorabilia. The furniture and lighting makes you feel like walking into an old-fashioned hub. (I wish I have photos but… circumstances)
  2. The food is amazing. Nothing in the menu is a dud.
  3. The staff are so friendly and courteous. Cebuanos are famous for being kind and fair, more so than the average Filipino so no wonder.
  4. It is so cheap! Talk about value for money!

So when I brought my folks to Cebu when I had a layover there a few weeks ago, we had to stop by there.

We went to the Ayala Center branch for lunch. I wish that I could still dine at the original family-home main restaurant but I have no news of it anymore. I am not sure if it was closed or if I was not looking hard enough. Anyway…

We started with the Best Sampler appetizer plate.

Casa Verde's Best Sampler appetizer plate

Casa Verde’s Best Sampler appetizer plate

So the breakdown of this mini-feast…

  1. Two or three Buffalo-style chicken wings
  2. Four baked potatoes topped with cheese and bacon
  3. Three deep-fried mozarella sticks (I know I only have two in the picture but my sister grabbed a stick before I could stop her)
  4. Three kinds of sauces: Cream cheese, Chili sauce, and Garlic mayo.

Technically, this is a sampler of their best-selling appetizers. I love the kick of the wings (What? Wings kick? Then what? Legs flap?), the richness of the potatoes, and the gooey and simply yummy experience of taking a bite of those cheese sticks. This baby costs PHP259.00 (USD6.00 approximate currency conversion). This is actually a meal on its own!

Then we ordered our own meals.

My sister ordered the Victoria’s Secret Pasta.

Victoria's Secret Pasta

Victoria’s Secret Pasta

This is their take of the classic spaghetti bolognese pasta. I thought that I was already the pasta fan but my sister beats me by a landslide. She would not mind have spaghetti all day and every day and every year. The pasta is a good mix of the sourness of Italian-style bolognese and the sweetness of the Filipino style. This costs PHP143.00 ( USD3.50 approximate currency conversion).

Whenever I am in the Casa, I always order Brian’s Ribs but for that day’s visit, my parents ordered one of each for themselves so I tried something else instead. I tried out The Count Of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count is all about…

  1. Two types of cheeses
  2. Two types of ham
  3. Sandwiched in two pieces of white bread
  4. Then battered and fried
  5. Cut into half and have its edges drizzled with powdered sugar
  6. Throw in a bunch of chips
  7. Then add a serving of blueberry sandwich/chip dipping sauce.

It was my first time to try this. I must say. When I took my first bite out of it, I died and went to Gastro-Heaven. (It exists… in my head)

It was sweet. It was savory. It was complimentary. That blueberry sauce was a killer. I just died. This costs PHP177.00 (USD4.00 approximate currency conversion)

I did say that my parent’s ordered Brian’s Ribs. It is the star of Casa Verde’s menu.

Casa Verde's Brian's Ribs

Casa Verde’s Brian’s Ribs

So you get a million-pound (kidding, I cant remember. It is just big. The length of the rib is as long as half of my arm.) roasted ribbed steak marinated with the Casa’s special blend. If you are going to order this, if you do not want your steak well done then tell that to the staff. The default is well-done as that is how we eat stuff in the PH so they won’t ask. Along with the steak, you get some veggie sidings and a cup of rice. You can have it changed to mash if you like. The steak is my absolute favorite. The flavor is rich. The meat is so soft that you don’t need a knife to separate it from the bone. It is just a party in your mouth with the after-party in your stomach. This costs PHP204.00 (USD5.00 approximate currency conversion). Like what?!

So dessert! Of course there is dessert! We ordered my absolute favourite which is the dreaded Death by Chocolate!

Death by Chocolate

Death by Chocolate

This is basically a CHOCOLATE rocky road ice cream cake with a CHOCOLATE crust base and cover then it is coated with a hardened CHOCOLATE shell then it is drizzled with CHOCOLATE fudge before serving. Oooohhhh, so much chocolate. I just really can’t explain the happiness that I feel whenever I take a bite. This beauty is good for at most four people so it is good for sharing. It is also good for eating for one, too! I won’t judge. I did it once. No regrets. The Grim Reaper of desserts costs PHP141.00 (USD3.50 approximate currency conversion)

A spoonful of Death by Chocolate

A spoonful of Death by Chocolate

The bill came in.

1 Best Sampler (approx USD6.00)
1 Victoria’s Secret Pasta (approx USD3.50)
1 The Count of Monte Cristo (approx USD4.00)
2 Brian’s Ribs (approx USD10.00)
1 Death by Chocolate (approx USD3.50)
12% VAT (approx USD3.00)

For a marvellous meal for four with leftovers enough to serve another mouth at home, I think USD30.00 is not so bad. Ehehehe

Good news! Casa Verde is opening its second branch outside Cebu in SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, NCR, Philippines in November 2015! That is located in the heart of the metro so no need for an additional one-hour plane ride from Manila to have a taste of their cooking.

Casa Verde really makes me happy.
Happy Family.
Happy Mouth.
Happy Tummy.
Happy Wallet.


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