Blogtober Challenge 25: What is in a Hobby?

What is a hobby? Well, it is an activity that you enjoy engaging into during your past time.

Now, I have already established that, besides blogging, I also write creative literature. I have also established that I love to read and watch movies. Sometime during the Blogtober challenge, I made a point to say that music is an important factor in my life.

I am a self-proclaimed artist. I can draw, paint, build, and create. Basically, any handy job will make me happy.

I will not discuss that. It is a blog feature so it will be redundant of me to talk about a hobby that I know will show up here eventually.

So, I am discussing a hobby of mine that will not be featured here anymore or as frequent as it should.

I like to keep quiet.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality test that categorizes your personality into four categories. Since my very young years, my test results were always consistent. I was an ENFP. It means





My percentages were always a huge contrast from their counterparts. I am approximately 80% an extrovert than an introvert. Then, I am basing 76% of my decisions on intuition and so on.

As I grew older, I was learning to adapt to do both sides of the coin for some reason. Not only in  my MBTI but also in my other traits. I am a born pessimist but I am a learned optimist, for example.

What does this have to do with my hobby?

I took a recent personality test and found out that I am 56% an extrovert among other changes in my usual scores. I was not surprised.

Ever since I graduated from the uni, I have developed the habit of finding happiness in silence.

I can sit down on a park and just watch people. I can listen to a person talk and talk without interruption. I like to nod while I am listening. I can sit and just look. I like doing all those things.

I like to think of what other people might be thinking or doing while I watch them. I like to observe their appearance and mannerisms and make hypotheses of what they are. I feel like Sherlock Holmes when I do that.

I like to listen to people. The opinions and stories of others are so interesting to me. I can learn something. There is also that happiness that I feel whenever that I think of another person taking the time to actually talk to me.

I like doing nothing. It might sound that I am lazy. I admit that I am. I do nothing not because I want to escape doing something. I like to sit in silence because I find peace in silence. I find clarity in searching through my own thoughts.

So, there. I am a born extrovert and an adaptive introvert. I keep quiet at times and I like it.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? What hobbies do you have?


8 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge 25: What is in a Hobby?

  1. Yeeeah! another who enjoys silence and their own company. Really, C.A. I think we are so similar. I don’t like when I am with others and the feel the silence have to get filled. So much can be learned from observing and listening. This hobby of your is very cool x

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    • I have noticed that we are so alike too!!! The stark difference is I don’t know how to cook. But, I guess that is complimentary. You cook and I eat. Its the dream team!


  2. And I can grow you some crops at least, what do you say “dream team”? 🙂
    Dear fellow dreamer, you have a complicated, deep personality. Maybe that`s exactly a part of your charm. I don`t know. All I know is that I`m an introvert who has these energy surges and then acts like extrovert for a moment. But still, I enjoy people. All the time. But these people have to be one or two, otherwise I don`t feel secure. What do you think about that? I don`t even know…

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    • Why are you worried? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Those who said there is could go and screw themselves. Honestly, the best people that I know are introverts. They keep quiet most of the time. When they get comfortable and open up, it brings life not only them but also the group. Introverts know loyalty and the importance of every life moment. You are that. That makes you amazing.


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