Red Cup Rant: The Starbucks Holiday Cup 2015

So, I heard that people are whining about the holiday Starbucks cups.
I totally agree! What are you thinking, SB?!
The other day, a group of friends and I went to have a nightly coffee session. We chose Starbucks because it was the nearest place to our location that had parking. Moving on, we ordered our drinks and settled ourselves down.
My drink was in a disposable holiday red cup. My mind was like ‘ooh, red’. Then, I drank.
After a few minutes, I noticed something off about the cup. I looked around the store and saw that everyone was drinking from the same red cup.
I was suddenly disappointed. Oh my, Starbucks, don’t you have any corporate social responsibility? You are service disposable red cups in store. Don’t you guys have those ceramic cups for in-house drinking? Do you know how many trees are you wasting by what you are doing? Because what? So you can show off the red cup? It’s just red, dude.
No wonder everyone is angry. Haven’t you heard of saving the environment?
What do you mean?
This is not what they are ranting about?
What are they ranting about then?
Uh huh…
‘Cause there is no snowman on the cup…
Huh. Let me search that.

Hmm… People are condemning Starbucks for their lack of religious and Christmas symbols on their cups. Instead, they opted for a red cup in a darkening gradient from top to bottom.
See? I did not know that they had an ombre red cup. I only saw red. The cardboard cozy was blocking the gradient. Congratulations, Starbucks on wasting more trees only to fail in showcasing your red cup.
Oh right, wrong rant.

So, people are angry because there are no symbols? Why don’t they just draw the symbols themselves? Oh, they’re doing that? So what is the problem?

Starbucks is not promoting Christmas because there are no symbols?
I think that is great.
I mean, think about it.
Starbucks should provide markers so that everyone could draw whatever festive thing that they wanted.
Like you can draw a whole herd of snowmen or maybe Santa riding his sleigh with all the reindeers circling the cup.
Or you can draw a turkey cause its Thanksgiving. Or you can draw a Menorah. Or if you are that good, you can draw the whole city of Mecca.
Then it will be festive and Christmas-y.
Technically, in Christian religion, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. In Christian religion, Jesus Christ is God. In any religion, as far as I know, God (or gods) are good. If we use basic analogy is that Christmas is the birth of good. We have different holidays to celebrate gratitude, family, life, and goodness whenever the end of the year comes. It just so happens that most people are Christians so Christmas is the most famous holiday.
I think the red cup is nice because it is open to interpretation to any belief. Hey, if you are a nonbeliever then that is fine too. The red hue is bright and striking. Leave it as it is or draw a smiley.
Also, you can go and write a dedication on the red cup. Then, you can give it to someone special.
At least, there will be more purpose for the disposable cup even if you are going to drink it in store.
Sorry, still disturbed that they are throwing away wax cups when they can use washable ones.


8 thoughts on “Red Cup Rant: The Starbucks Holiday Cup 2015

  1. hahaha, I wasn’t sure if it was a rant or a kick up the backside for ranters or both! loved it, made me laugh and thought seriously about the disposable cups. I can’t say I understand cause I don’t buy coffee in disposable cups, I am not only a tea snub I am a coffee snub too (there I said it). If i am sitting in a cafe I expect to be served my hot beverage in a cup and saucer – and the wasting of perfectly good trees is rather annoying. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of folks like myself who didn’t even knew there was a rant around SB cups.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is both, haha! See, why waste a perfectly good experience when you pay more than necessary to have coffee or tea inside a well designed shop only to have it in a disposable cup? I did not even know that there was a rant until I was browsing 9gag one time then I saw all these red cup posts. I did not get the joke so I did some research. I was really surprised that there was such an issue. Really? don’t people have anything else to do? There are much important things to rant about if you are going to rant.


  2. Totally agree with the lack of environmental concern by Sbs, terrible!! I hate take away cups, people should take their own or be charged at least $1 extra I reckon! I like your sentiments about Christmas too!

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