First Impressions

I spent a day once with a pair of middle-aged male  in London once. One of them, I had flown with before while the other was a good friend of his which was a pilot from our company. I decided to tag along with them when my  expressed his intention to look for a street Tardis. It was rare to find a fellow Whovian in the Philippines let alone in the same company so I decided to go with him. His buddy happily joined us. After successfully finding the Tardis and having other small adventures, we ended the day in the pub near our hotel. You know how pub talk goes. Our topics went from Doctor Who to porn to Star Wars to finding love to the aviation history to meeting new people.

So, why am I bringing this up? The pilot asked me of my first impression of him. I said that I don’t do first impressions. He told me that I should make first impressions especially that I work with different people everyday. It gives a precaution of how I should act towards them.

I asked him what was his first impression of me. He said that he thought that I was an independent woman that does not take ‘no’ for an answer. It apparently showed my age as I was too idealistic and naive to not judge people at first glance. I accepted his answer then he shared to us that most people, especially girls, think of him as a ladies’ man on first sight.

So why am I bringing this up? Earlier today, I read a post by the fantastical Sidney Aldaine about what do people think about when they encounter people for the first time. It reminded me of that incident.

That is exactly why I don’t do first impressions. Grammatically, a first impression is one’s idea on another person based on instinct even with the definite lack of evidence. I don’t do first impression because it is the basest form of judgment.

Judgment is very deadly in forming a relationship with another person. It is unfair to a person who is given a first impression because he is forced to prove the one giving the impression wrong without him knowing it. Because, to be frank, how many times did your first impression become right?

It is in the word itself. Impression. It is like you’re giving the person the task to impress you within the first five seconds of you looking at him. Who are you to be made an impression for?

How many times in my young life have I seen the most sour faces to have the most beautiful hearts? How many times have I seen the most well-dressed to have the most foul of attitudes? How many times have I seen the youngest to be the most matured?

I watch people. I look for details and mannerisms. It takes time but that is how I make a hypothesis of what the person is about. Then I ask the person about himself, noting to myself that I was right or wrong. I am pleasantly surprised when my hypothesis is right. I become more intrigued when I am wrong, pressing the person with more questions.

What do I see when I see a person for the first time? I look for distinguishable facial features so that I can remember them the possible future that I see them again. Then, I check out their clothes. If I like it, I take note for fashion inspiration the next time that I need to dress up. If not then, okay. If it floats their boat, who am I to sink it? Then that is it.

I am not picky with friends and acquaintances. Everyone has their own story to tell. If they express their intention to be more than friends then that is a different story altogether.



9 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. I hope that most people don’t judge me by their first impression. I am very introverted and have a difficult time engaging in conversation with someone new. It’s something I’ve worked on as I’ve gotten older, but it never gets easier for me!

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    • Exactly. With your difficulties, most will think that you have not much to say. Some will go overboard and will think that you are stupid. If most people base their judgment on first impressions then they would not know that you are a determined and admirable woman striving to be better everyday and inspiring other people in the process too.


  2. Heyyy, thank you Sparkle! 🙂
    Anyway, I`m trying to judge people, but based on their voice. Or how they speak to me. I can`t really explain it, but I often get a “hunch” that the person standing in front of me is lying, or making herself look good to impress me from that. However, I try to judge later, after the meeting when I thought about it already.
    But yea, most of the people around might think I`m a creep, because I have troubles to open up. That`s why for me, first impressions are most of the time bad thing.
    Lovely post!

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    • Thanks for reading. Good for you then to see past the outer shell of things. Something like that takes talent nowadays. Not everyone can do it and not everyone is willing to learn.


  3. I like this! I have been wrong on first impressions. If I get a bad first gut impression I go out of my way to check if I was right or not. Usually I’m not, I ask alot of questions too & believe everyone has good points!

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    • That is good of you then. There are times that we could not help but have a first impression on someone. Even I do. I like that you make it an effort to see past your impression especially if you had the wrong hunch! Bless you truly.


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