This Fasting Could Not Get Any Faster

Lent is finally over and the Holy Week just passed. For the past season, I have refrained myself from eating meat.
Yes, I am a Christian, a Roman Catholic Christian. I find it disturbing how in description that Catholics are separate from Christians, no matter if it may be Protestant, 7th-day Adventist, or whatever. It is in the name. I am a Christian. Anyway…

So, on religious custom, I am not allowed to eat meat on every Friday during the Lenten season.

I have refrained myself from eating rice fir the past two years except for the cravings that happen once or twice in six months. See, I am a Filipino. Rice to is is like burgers to the Americans or noodles to the Japanese. I have stopped eating rice since I started to work and that is an incredible feat in the opinion of other Filipinos. I was always a bread and potato person so it was not that hard a shift.

Anyway, for Lent, I was required not to eat meat during Fridays. Red meat. Chicken and fish is fine. I thought of the task too easy since the idea of fasting is to experience some discomfort in order to appreciate the sacrifice that the Messiah did for us when he died on the cross. Thus, I decided on a no red meat and chicken diet on Friday.

It was a bit hard since chicken can be found everywhere and not all establishment serve fish or vegetables. Then at home, meat will be served so I could not eat. Still, it was just once a week so it was fine.

Then Holy Week came.
I decided to make things harder for me and have a no meat diet for the whole seven days. I would just have fish, seafood, and vegetables.

That was when things got hard.
I had a working layover to Melbourne, Australia. I arrived there on Palm Sunday and left on Holy Wednesday. I was in Australia, the land of Hungry Jacks, Angus Beef, Lord of the Fries, and all things moo. And I decided to go to a no-meat diet. I was doomed.

To make things short, by the end of the layover, I was hungry, cranky, and cravy (craving actually, I just want to keep the rhyme) for my mom’s home cooking.

Yet, I still have three more days. By Monday, I requested for chicken barbeque for lunch.

It was hard to live without meat. For all those who are following a specific diet (e.g. vegan, gluten-free, paleo, etc.) for religious, personal, health, or whatever reason, I salute you for your discipline and perseverance. Now, leave me as I devour this rib-eye steak.

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