What I Love About Storybrooke

Storybrooke like Once Upon A Time Storybrooke. Holler up to my fellow Oncers!!!!

Just kidding, I won’t talk about Storybrooke. I will talk about Steveston, the film site of Once Upon A Time and real-life Storybrooke.

Whenever I am in Vancouver, I make sure that I drop by the very quaint village of Steveston. This is why.


Pajo's Fish and Chips

And this is why.


Cod fillet and unli chips

I love it. The best fish and (bottomless) chips that I ever had. Silly me because I only knew that the chips were refillable by my third visit. Freshly battered and fried fish and unlimited chips (not the fastfood kind) is absolutely a great start to a great day.

And I only knew that the town is the film site of Once Upon A Time by my fourth visit.

Another reason why I love Steveston is because I am a vintage and thrift junkie. And they have loads of those shops here. I usually buy books. A hardbound The Fault In Our Stars for one Canadian dollar is definitely a good deal. I also bought this vintage Victorian-style rabbit stuffed toy once. It reminded me of the Velveteen Rabbit.

One more reason why I love Steveston is the cafés and coffee shops. We are not talking about Starbucks although they do have one. We are talking about those local roasters where in they brew their coffee fresh and they make their food in their own kitchens. There are loads to choose from. Even I have not tried it all.

In case you are wondering, yes, Granny’s cafe from OUAT is real. And it looks like this from the inside.


So different, I know.

The last reason why I love Steveston is because… see for yourself.


The Public Library on the left and Granny's on the right








The town is already magical as it is without being the film site of a fantasy TV series. I honestly believe that the town was chosen just because of that. Steveston is a hidden gem, a town that you would not know exist until you hear it from the right people. It is a town that will fill you with wonder… just like Storybrooke.


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