Would you watch a Black Widow solo movie?


So I came across this poll on Twitter…


Screenshot via Twitter @ChrisHewitt

People have been asking for a Black Widow movie for a long time. It had me thinking. Why would you watch a Black Widow solo movie?

Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the term ‘Black Widow’ is popularly known as the S.H.I.E.L.D spy and not the ravenous arachnid. Try it. Google ‘Black Widow’. Just that.

Why would you watch a Black Widow movie?

For the guys:
Let’s face it. ScarJo is hot. The comic Black Widow is hot. The movie will be hot.
We want action. Yeah, powers and thingamajics are awesome but who does not want physical combat with the occasional bang-bang-shoot-shoot?

For the girls:
ScarJo is hot. Want fitspiration? Check yourself in front of a full-length mirror. Then, look at ScarJo. There’s your fitspiration.
Have you seen her hair? The ultimate red! And it does not frizz no matter what she does! That is injustice.
This is girl power overload! Badass woman carrying badass guns saving the bad world from the bad guys. Drool.

For everyone:
One must understand. Black Widow is more than eye-candy.
The Black Widow is a strong and independent woman. She can take care of herself and she is quite smart. No damsel in distress here. (See Widow’s initial scene in Avengers)
Despite being a heartless and conniving spy, she is a person who prides in her loyalty and her dignity. (See Loki/Widow confrontation or the group argument pre-Helicarrier attack in the Avengers)
Despite being heartless, she actually has a heart. (See Green-Widow/Brutasha/Bannova/Romanner/urgh-I-suck-at-creating-OTP’s in Age of Ultron)
She has one hell of a backstory.
She is open-minded and knows when to back down and when to move forward. (See Civil War)

Black Widow is more than a pretty face. She has substance. Actually, if you remove the lying and killing bit, she would make an ideal role model for women of all ages. She would make an ideal girlfriend. She would make an ideal wife.

Just imagine it. All the action and all the crime-fighting as usual then she is making everything fine and all. Suddenly, there was a blast from the past and all her sins would come haunting back to get her. KGB+SHIELD+Romanova attachments+that gushing red ledger

Ain’t that something fun to see?
But then again, that would be too predictable of a plot. I am sure Marvel came cook up something better.
But then again, there is still a possibility that there would be no Widow movie.


8 thoughts on “Would you watch a Black Widow solo movie?

  1. I would watch a Black Widow movie in a heartbeat, but I would approach it differently. I would do a James Bond Style Spy movie (classic James Bond, with some handy gadgets thrown in and a few adjustments so that it fits her character and some serious elements thrown in), with Maria Hill and Sharon Carter as her supporting cast (not because they are females, but because they are competent spies and could use a little bit more screentime).

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  2. “Fitspiration” and non-frizzy hair equals a good role model “for the girls”? I think you’re missing the point of a superhero, my friend. Would you leave that same review about a male actor/character “for the boys”? I have studied martial art since childhood; Black Widow is a role model for me, because Johansson is breaking ground with her fight scenes and athleticism. She’s excellent at her job, just as her character is in her field. And you’re telling me to look up to a woman succeeding, because I will never succeed as she does? Grow up.

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    • She truly is breaking grounds. I agree with you for that. I also apologize that my post offended you in a way. The first part was meant to be comical in a sense to grasp attention in the obvious. Scarlett Johanssen is an inspiration. She has been around the business for so long but people, especially the young ones, love her because of Black Widow. “I wanna save the world. I like her ’cause she is smart. I think she is very strong.” You can hear that from the kids because that is who she is. She has a good heart. She is smart. She is independent. That makes her a good role model. I apologize if that has not been clarified enough in the latter part of the post. Have a great weekend ahead!


  3. My bad, just read the rest of the review. Totally agree with swanpride. Still, I stand by my comment even if its statements should not necessarily be directed to you, Cavilleta. Black Widow is objectified by her own trade, The media, and even some fans. Scarlett Johansson should not deserve the same treatment. Can’t wait for the final decision!

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    • No worries, love. I recall seeing this Tumblr post that one said that if ScarJo received a sexist question from the media then one of the Chris’ should take it. Mark Ruffalo actually replied to that post in agreement. Then, eventually, the opportunity came and Mark answered for Scarlett’s sake. That was very nice. Not sure if it is true since you don’t know these days with the Internet and I have not searched the topic thoroughly but the idea is nice.


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