The Price of Authenticity

It is said by the greatest of people that…
-You can stand out from the crowd
-You can be the red in all the white
-You can choose to ride against the current
…and my personal favorite…
-You can swim upstream.

Why? Beating the odds, changing the status quo, shaking common belief, and being unique is the key to a fulfilled life. It is the key to having the change that you desire. It is the key to have your dreams come true.

There is one catch. I have been swimming upstream for so long that I feel foolish for realizing it just now.

When you swim upstream, you swim alone.

It is a choice that you have to make.


There is only one single task in this entire world that you will fail at no matter how hard you try.
That is to try to please people.
Don’t. Just don’t. Don’t even attempt it.
You will just get tired and worn out.
You will just end up in digging a grave for yourself.
Be who you are.
Be your faulty, silly, quirky, and beautiful self.
At the end, people will judge you no matter what you do.
Be judged for who you are.
Then any form of judgment thrown at you becomes acceptable.
That judgement is irrelevant.
No opinion is important enough for you to change who you are.