Blogtober Challenge 25: What is in a Hobby?

What is a hobby? Well, it is an activity that you enjoy engaging into during your past time.

Now, I have already established that, besides blogging, I also write creative literature. I have also established that I love to read and watch movies. Sometime during the Blogtober challenge, I made a point to say that music is an important factor in my life.

I am a self-proclaimed artist. I can draw, paint, build, and create. Basically, any handy job will make me happy.

I will not discuss that. It is a blog feature so it will be redundant of me to talk about a hobby that I know will show up here eventually.

So, I am discussing a hobby of mine that will not be featured here anymore or as frequent as it should.

I like to keep quiet.

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Blogtober Challenge 18: I Should Have Known

Forgive me for sounding redundant. The next challenge for Blogtober is that I share some things that I should have known five years ago.

I was 18 years old five years ago. Looking back, I realized that the girl from five years ago does not exist anymore.

I have learned and experienced so much during the course of five years that it evolved me into the person that I am today.

Those are things that if my 18-year-old knew and experienced during that time then she would be distraught beyond her mind.

So, no. As with the future, I have no  to foresee or in this case to undo my past. There is nothing that I would wish to inform my younger self.

There is a reason why and when things happen. I believe that whatever achievement or trial that we experience in whatever point of our life is timed at that moment for a reason.

Sure, I could easily tell my younger self all the preparations and solutions that she should take in the future. I could easily tell her the mistakes that I made and how she should avoid such.

But, I won’t.

I told you. I do not like to know what is about to happen. Where is the fun in that? That is like playing an RPG game while reading it’s complete guide and following it to the last letter. You may achieve happily ever after but the experience would not be as fulfilling as if you figured things out for yourself.

Call it spoiler-phobia if you will.

How about you? What are your thoughts on what to say to your younger self?

Blogtober Challenge 16: The Possibility of Assurances

This question has been asked a million of times. It is in par with the famous glass content question.

16 days has past since the start of Blogtober and, must I say, this is the easiest yet. I can answer this in a heartbeat.

The 16th day is about the topic of uncertainty.

What would you ask your future self?

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Blogtober Challenge 15: I Love This Blogger Because…

Halfway through the month and now I am panicking. I learned of the topics of the next few challenges and I am scared as I do not have an answer to most of them. Just like this one…

Who is a blogger that you admire?

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Blogtober Challenge 12: Too Early To Tell

This is the 12th Blogtober Challenge. The awkward thing about this is it that it gives the task that I share how I have been since I started to blog.

As it was emphasized every now and then, this is a new blog. This blog is so new that I wished that this task was scheduled for the end of Blogtober. But, I guess, that is the challenge to that.

In a span of less than a month, I did see a change.

1. I became busier. As if six hours of sleep is enough. Let me try three hours.

2. I learned to be more patient with unfortunate occurrences.

3. I was socializing again. A shootout to all of my new friends.

4. My mind is imagination-hyperdrive. It is consistently finding something blogworthy. With Blogtober, it is always thinking of how I could successfully fulfill each challenge.

5. I learned to be critical. I learned to think of my own opinion on different issues.

Apparently, my mind and body is pushing itself to get more involved with life ever since the first blog post. I am frighteningly excited about how much I can change if I continue on to blog?

How did blogging change you? Have you experienced a major adjustment in your life and fins yourself overwhelmed at how much you can give yourself to it? Share your thoughts.

Blogtober Challenge 8: Battling the Modern Age with Must-Have Apps

Heyya! It appears that Blogtober is testing my limits. This time, I am going all tech with Blogtober Challenge 8 as it demands that I share my favorite apps.

I am no tech geek. I just know what I want and I do research on things that will benefit me the most.

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Blogtober Challenge 2: Mightier Than The Sword


Welcome to the second day of my Blogtober challenge! I am not only welcoming you but I am also welcoming myself! I have yet to stick to a commitment and hopefully this will be the first.

I was tasked to share my favorite quotes. Well, I have so many so if I stated them all here then this post might even be twice as long as my first Blogtober entry.

I do 90% of my blogging on my tablet. I use a USB keyboard case to get the job done. From the outside, you can only see purple synthetic leather. Once opened, it reveals the keyboard and a list of quotes that I have written at the inner side of the case. These quotes are reminders of who I was, who I am, and who I aim to be. Some are just so fun to write down along with the others. They have no order of importance as to how I will write them below.

Fun Fact: Each quote can be traced back to a specific fandom, character, or celebrity. Yes, I am a fangirl. Deal with it. I will write below each quote and a shorty as to how it is relevant to me (or not.). Let us play a game. Let us see if you can guess from which are the quotes taken from. Ehehehe

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The Price of Authenticity

It is said by the greatest of people that…
-You can stand out from the crowd
-You can be the red in all the white
-You can choose to ride against the current
…and my personal favorite…
-You can swim upstream.

Why? Beating the odds, changing the status quo, shaking common belief, and being unique is the key to a fulfilled life. It is the key to having the change that you desire. It is the key to have your dreams come true.

There is one catch. I have been swimming upstream for so long that I feel foolish for realizing it just now.

When you swim upstream, you swim alone.

It is a choice that you have to make.


There is only one single task in this entire world that you will fail at no matter how hard you try.
That is to try to please people.
Don’t. Just don’t. Don’t even attempt it.
You will just get tired and worn out.
You will just end up in digging a grave for yourself.
Be who you are.
Be your faulty, silly, quirky, and beautiful self.
At the end, people will judge you no matter what you do.
Be judged for who you are.
Then any form of judgment thrown at you becomes acceptable.
That judgement is irrelevant.
No opinion is important enough for you to change who you are.