Blogtober Challenge 5: Some Things Never Get Old

I promised myself that I will never reveal what I look like while I am in this blog. Struggling To Be A Human Being is aimed to rescue people from indifference and to show as many sides of one’s story as possible. I feel it important to hide my identity because of this.

I could be anyone. I could be the girl that you bullied at school. I could be that hot shot cheerleader. I could be that King/Queen of the Night. I could be one of the jocks? What if I was the one who ate boogers while in class? I could be your crummy boss. I could be that guy you every morning drinking coffee from the machine. I could be the one with the walker crossing the street yet refuses help from the young ones. I could be that notorious womanizer. I could be the one in the park surrounded by a lot of kids/dogs/birds. I could be your subordinate. I could be your senior. I could be your equal. I could be your friend. I could be your enemy. There is a story to each one.

Unlucky for me, the fifth Blogtober challenge compels me to share an old photo of myself.

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