Pride and Joy

I have been spending most of my time in my bedrooom lately.

I have rearranged my things for three times already. I have cleaned out my made up desk (which is actually just a small table at the foot of my bed since I do not really have a proper desk) of junk and whatnot. Then, I decided that it would be a bother for me to actually use that desk since it was so low that I had to sit on the floor to use it. In the end, I just stashed all of my writing and art stuff underneath my bed. Don’t fret. I put them in boxes before I did that.

There is also that bookshelf of mine. It is huge. It is taller than me even. But, with my increasing Pop! figure collection, fandom (especially Harry Potter) memorabilia, current book collection (I think 250+ already, have not counted it yet), and those medical books that my mom had that I could not dispose, it became too small to accommodate my needs. I have been thinking of rearranging the whole thing. Sometimes, I just look at it and I get relaxed.

All of my prized physical possessions are in that bedroom. I stumbled upon a question in The Daily Prompt. What is your prized possession? I just could not answer right away. So, I rephrased it. If there would be a fire, what one thing would I carry to safety with me?

Common sense tells me that I would bring my phone. Contacts, photos, documents, and all of my records are in it. Yet, I would not say that my phone is my prized possession. I could have any kind of phone and the purpose would be the same. For me, a prized possession is something that I could not just part with even if it failed to stand the test of time.

My mind drifted to the Elder Wand replica that my brother got me as a college graduation gift. It was my first Harry Potter memorabilia. I have been a fan since the first movie came out. I was not even 10 years old then. I thought it too petty to treasure such a thing so I tried thinking of other things.

Most people would answer something like an old family photo. Or perhaps a signed ball. Or maybe an old note. I do not need to keep an old family photo. My grandfather’s death confirmed that. I do not need a reminder of what they look like. I do not need to be reminder of their impact on my life. I know it just as much as I know my name. I do not have anything that is signed by someone famous. Besides, I do not treasure those kind of things that much. Give me a signed copy of the first Bloomsbury edition of Harry Potter. Trust that it will be taken care of but I would not save it if there would be a fire. Notes? Plenty. They have an impact every time I read one. It brings back emotions and memories long buried. Almost important enough. But not quite. They just make a recall. The initial effect that they had on me has already been instilled into my person.

Back to the wand. Yes, a long piece of molded resin painted and branded. Wow. Let me defend myself.

That wand was the very first gift that I have ever received that I was honestly ecstatic about. My brother had my reaction on record. I was totally amazeballs… Anyway. That wand actually came with a letter…

Now is the time for you to make your dreams come true. But it won’t be easy. Hard work, belief, faith. And one day, life will surprise you. You’ll be living the dream. May this remind you that they come true.

That wand was the embodiment of that letter. It was a promise that the future is magical and I have the power to wield it as how I pleased. I felt powerful whenever I held that wand not because I imagined it to be the actual Elder Wand (but it would be soooo cool if it was) but because I felt that I am the captain of my life. I can cast any spell on it and swish the wand around to spread the magic on my existence and on others as well. I can manipulate anything with my actions and decisions. I can do anything and everything will change. Wielding the most powerful wand in the world is great possibility. The power that I can possess will not only affect me but also others as well. I cannot just think of myself. I have to care for what my power would do to others. For it may be a joy to manipulate others to your whim, it is a greater joy to manipulate the situation to theirs.

That wand is the embodiment of what I am. A mere stick of endless possibilities. That wand is the physicality of what I realized when I first unwrapped that graduation gift. It was okay to be myself. It was okay because the world may say otherwise but those who matter would be there. It was okay to be a nerd or whatever because those people who matter would accept that as that.

That wand is the proof that love is the strongest magic of all. Love is my prized possession.


Blogtober Challenge 27: Shop Til No Drop

27 Blogtober challenges completed. I know that it is too early to rejoice but I could not help it. I am just so excited and I just can’t hide it. (Made you sing, hahahah)

For now, I am to share my favourite shopping spots.

Technically, I like any place with a big “SALE” sign.

But, when I am in a shopping center, the places that I look for are hobby shops. I love fandom memorabilia, figures, comic books, board games, building kits, DIY things, and all those other things you see in a hobby shop. I could spend a good hour for just looking (or deciding what to buy when I have the funds). I also like to search an area for charity or thrift shops. I feel like I’m inside a piece of history whenever I scan the racks and shelves.

When I am in my home court, I have one favorite shop. Book Sale. It is a chain of secondhand book stores scattered all around the nation. You can find a wide array of books from coffee table finds, collegiate references, self-help, non-fiction, magazines, local publications, graphic novels, and fiction.

I am proud to say that 89% of my book collection came from Book Sale.

During my uni years, I had enough cash to spend on myself but I did not want to have it all gone at the expense of one newly released book. So, I would go to Book Sale and scan the shelves.

I had two priorities whenever I go there.

1. To find a first edition Bloomsbury Harry Potter Hardbound book.

2. To find a book included in the list of the 50 books that I should read before I died.

Three years since I started my book scavenging…

… I only have to search for the Philosopher’s Stone to complete all seven Harry Potter books.

… I have 20 of all 50 books to read before I die.

… I have at least six uncompleted book series.

… I have loads of sidetrip purchases like literary classics, Shakespearean references, modern publications, tutorial books, and graphic novels.

I am addicted. I know. No, I refuse rehabilitation.

I find the happiness of finding a coveted book among the stacks and stacks of books there. Its like a treasure hunt there.

So yeah, my favourite shop is Book Sale.

What is your favorite shop?