10:04 AM
21 September 2015

I have been staring at the blank screen for quite some time now. I do not know what to write. I believe this is my third time in creating a blog. I am nervous.

It was two years ago when I learned that I could write. I always knew that I could read. Heck, I loved it. I always knew too that I had a knack for arts. It was just two years ago when I learned that I could write. My first attempt was far from publishing standards but I knew it was good. I had potential. Most of all, I was exhilarated. I could not fathom the sense of fulfillment that I had after I typed that last period after my sentence.

I wrote and wrote and wrote until I decided that I wanted to write a blog. I wanted to have readers. I wanted to have an impact. I wanted to make a difference. People told me that I was too idealistic for my own good.

The first two blogs that I have written were failures. It was not because I was not getting readers. I was not getting readers. It was more of a reason of I did not know what I was supposed to write. I did not know and I could not decide what need am I catering to. Before I knew it, I was running out of things to write before I even started writing.

Now, I know. I know now what to write. Well, I think I do. Hopefully, I do.

Forgive my manners, I am C.A. Villeta. I am an amateur writer just praying that I could be remembered for something good.
I am also a 22-year-old Filipino flight attendant. Hello.

“Struggling to be a Human Being” is a blog with a cause. My title sounds like a crash-course for children on how to live life. Simply put, it is a crash-course for adults on how to live life. Children have the innate capability. We have forgotten it somehow while we were growing up.

What separates people from all the other members of the biological hemisphere? We have our intellect and our rationality. We have the ability to think for ourselves and not base everything on instinct. Everyone knows that. Everyone is proud of that.

What makes us similar with all the other animals? We have respect and compassion for the other members of our species. We think and act as one herd moving forward. We care for our habitat. We respect territorial boundaries. We lick each other’s wounds. We fight for victory and accept defeat. We support mutualism. We only take what we need.

All animals are like that. Well, to be specific, mammals are. Scientifically, we are mammals. Then why are those similarities so far from the truth? Admittedly, it is the exact opposite of what we do and of what we are.

Mother Gothel may be the villain in Tangled but what she said to Rapunzel is true.

The world is dark and selfish and cruel. If it finds even the slightest ray of sunshine, it destroys it.

I have been a victim of that. That is when I realized that I knew what I wanted to write.
This blog aims to be a source of comfort for people who were victims of cruelty. We all have been victims in one way or another. This blog also aims to be a lesson learned to all bullies and persecutors to whatever cause. We all have been that too.

I am not perfect. I am so far from it. I, too, am struggling to be a human being. I am re-learning what it takes and feels to love, to care, and to respect. I am re-learning the basis of sympathy and sacrifice.

Humans are the highest form of animals. We may be the highest form but we are still animals. We are no different. We are just smarter. Let us not stray too far from our roots. It is already good as it is.


C.A. Villeta


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