Blogtober Challenge 29: The Phoenix Effect

Three days to go before the end of October.
This is my first Thankful Thursday post.
I could not help but feel sentimental.

2013 was the best year of my existence. It is funny since it is the year after the dreaded end of the world.
September 2014 was the start of the worst year of my life. September 2015 just ended, I know. Does it mean that my worst year is over?

I am not certain. All I know that September 2015 was the start of me rising up from my own ashes.
I feel like baby Fawkes as I typed that last bit.

I have a lot to be thankful for. The mere fact that I am already on my first step of recovery is something to be thankful for.
There are a lot of things to be thankful for because I would not be recovering because of them.

First of all, I wish to thank Ms. Sophie Blakemore. Thank you for being my first believer and supporter. Thank you for welcoming me to the blogging world. Check out her blog at Sophie’s Voice. It is an overflow of feistiness, power, and encouragement.

Second, I wish to thank Ms. Blakemore again. She was the one who invited me to the Blogtober challenge. That event paved the way for my uprising.

Next, I wish to thank all of my Blogtober peeps!!!

Check out Lisa’s blog of Kitchen Takeovers. Her recipes looks so fine. My mouth simply waters at her cooking. Today, she has an annual holiday blog swap. Please do check it out as everyone is open to join.
Sam’s blog of The Little Things in the Bigger Picture is just cute. Mix together motherly love and compassion with real life situations with a whole lot of fluff with a dash of spunk then you get her awesome site.
Rachel is a battling beauty of Cookie and Creams. Read her blog if you want to learn rad fashion and beauty tips. Read her blog if you want to learn about the battle for insecurities. Read her blog if you want to learn about what it truly takes to be beautiful, inside and out.
Holly is the beauty and brains behind The Lady Life Blog. We ladies dream to be deemed as someone of great taste, talent, and personality. She is it. Just the title alone says it alone.
Laura of Holistic Mama is happy to help you with the technicalities of being a mom. If you are a first-timer or a pro in the raising kids business, then her blog is a must-read.
Kez of Acacia’s Dreams is a uni student. Her blog is full of dreams, bright futures and goals for a better tomorrow. I wished I had read material like hers when I was still in the uni.
Megan of My Own Clarity is a mom to the most adorable girl that you have ever seen. After your very own if you have one of course. She is absolutely the sweetest thing and if you wanna relax and give yourself a break then go on ahead and read her thoughts.
Sidney of Sidney’s Fantasma is my idol. If you want to be mindf*cked in the best possible way then he is your guy. He is the guru of deep thoughts and expression. Seriously, dude, where do you get the time and inspiration to post and post and post everyday? Thanks for making me blush and smile stupidly every chance you get.
Alexandra of the Collective StrandΒ is a leader for a woman of her age. Being the moderator of the Blogtober Challenge and of a blogging group, she has a lot on her plate. Truly, you cannot define one’s achievable limit by his age. A baby shark is still a shark.

So, why am I thanking them?

Most of these bloggers are moms and are excellent ones. I see their posts and I feel that my goal of being a good mother someday is possible and reachable. My Blogtober peeps are my first fans as they are very generous in feeding my vanity. I feel so humbled to read their comments. They madee feel accepted, welcomed, and loved.

As of now, it is transparent that C.A. Villeta is just a pen name that I use. To my Blogtober peeps, thank you for being Coleen’s family.

More ‘thank you’s coming up!

To Karina of My Letters of Transit, thank you for challenging my ideals. It was an honestly fun experience.
To Paul of wwwpalfitness, thank you for the constant support.
To Kally, Chape and ally religious supporters, thank you to the bottom of my heart. I would not be here without all of you.
To Joanna of @quinnofgotham, thank you for deciding to roleplay with me all those years ago. Thank you for being extremely patient with me. Thank you for always welcoming me as if I never left. Thank you for letting me in your life. Thank you for being more than a writing collaborator. Thank you for being my friend.

Thank you, Lord, for this tupsy-turvy thing called my life. If it weren’t for all those downs then I would have never experienced and met such wonderful people and things.


8 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge 29: The Phoenix Effect

  1. Dude, I`m just dude. This one reminded me of Big Lebowski and I had to laugh. Too bad I`m in the middle of the conference here! It`s hers fault I blush and laugh and don`t know what to do! Stop it πŸ˜€
    Seriously, this is my first time somebody called me “dude”. OMG, can I get over it already? ..Just a few more seconds and a genuine moment is gone..And there it is, I`m going to have a post about geniune moments in life. See what you do to my imagination, little sparkle? THANK YOU!
    Also, I was planning to have similar post on the last day of october. Now I`m going to look like a copy paste. Not seriously. Really, I can do what I want.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh my goodness, I just found this post, as I’m writing my final post – a little similar, sheepish grin. (To use Sid’s words, I might look like a copy paste too) I am so chuffed & honored thank you. I feel very similar. We must all stay in contact. You are a wonderful, funny & tallented woman Coleen!

    Liked by 1 person

    • My darling Ms. Goodsell, I am going to miss you very much! (No wonder you were asking in the Blogging Collective. I already had a hunch πŸ˜‰ ) Thank you! It was an honour to share this challenge with you, my friend.


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