Blogtober Challenge 5: Some Things Never Get Old

I promised myself that I will never reveal what I look like while I am in this blog. Struggling To Be A Human Being is aimed to rescue people from indifference and to show as many sides of one’s story as possible. I feel it important to hide my identity because of this.

I could be anyone. I could be the girl that you bullied at school. I could be that hot shot cheerleader. I could be that King/Queen of the Night. I could be one of the jocks? What if I was the one who ate boogers while in class? I could be your crummy boss. I could be that guy you every morning drinking coffee from the machine. I could be the one with the walker crossing the street yet refuses help from the young ones. I could be that notorious womanizer. I could be the one in the park surrounded by a lot of kids/dogs/birds. I could be your subordinate. I could be your senior. I could be your equal. I could be your friend. I could be your enemy. There is a story to each one.

Unlucky for me, the fifth Blogtober challenge compels me to share an old photo of myself.


Hello, Ms. Mustache

This was taken around four years ago. I was still studying then. In this picture, I was in my friend’s house. That mug has its story. It is a customized mug. It started as a simple white mug and I drew a large “J” on the side and the mustache underneath using a Sharpie. Then, I baked if for I think twenty minutes so that the ink will stay permanent against the smooth surface. Once it was done, my friend and I had fun with it first as we took pictures of ourselves using the mug and pretending that one of us lives inside the mug by positioning far away from the camera while the other one is right in front of it. That was a fun day. The mug was made to be a gift for my significant other at the time.

So, four years, ten kilos more, and boyfriend less after, I am still that silly girl. The only difference is that I have work now and that I am writing now. Much has changed but I will still be happy about the little and simple things.
Say ‘Hello’ to the girl who is happy to receive a shiny five Philippine Peso coin as it is usually matte in color.



8 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge 5: Some Things Never Get Old

    • Oh my! Thank you! Thank you really for choosing me! I have a question though. I have already been nominated. Should I post my answers saying that the both of you have nominated me or just the first one?


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