Blogtober Challenge 19: How To Make Scrambled Eggs

I don’t know how to cook. But, I love breakfast food. I could eat breakfast all day. (Yeap, take down notes, boys)

I can cook breakfast food. That is because the recipes can be found behind the box of flour or whatever and as long as you make that then whatever you add to it is still acceptable. Breakfast food is very open to interpretation and adaptation.

So, for today, I am tasked by Blogtober to share my favorite recipe. This is the only one that I have mastered (only recently). Let me put on my imaginary chef’s hat and I will teach you how to make scrambled eggs.

SCRAMBLED EGGS, yes, you read right.

Oh but these are not just any kind of scrambled eggs. You can’t physically eat them. But, it will satisfy you nonetheless..

Let’s start, shall we…

Let me show you a finished product first.

Saw it? You need to see it first. You did? Good.

So on with the ingredients.
Basically, you need eggs, salt, and oil for your ingredients.
For your equipment, you need a fork, source of heat, and a plate.

Told you, breakfast food is very versatile so knock yourself out on what kind or how much of the items stated above will you use for this.

Got it? Okay, let’s get cooking.

The Ingredients

1. Eggs

You can get your eggs anywhere. I usually get mine from Pinterest, from random and not-so random reads, my memories, and from those weird scenarios that I see in my head.
PS. No, I’m not crazy.
PPS. I’m just assuming. Sheldon Cooper’s mom had him tested. Mine had not.

Up to you to choose what kind of eggs and how many will you use. For the finished product featured, I used those cheesy Filipino evening drama scenes on TV and a poem from Dorothy Parker called A Telephone Call that I have really enjoyed reading at The Love Book.

2. Salt

Well, eggs won’t really taste good without salt. Salt is a constant. Even if you put in a pinch, it makes all the difference.

My salt (yes, self-made) is called Pacio (patent pending). I spent the past two years of my writing career experimenting in order to have salt that will bring a distinct flavor to my scrambled eggs. Still perfecting it and hopefully the time will come when one instantly knows my cooking the moment they take a bite of my scrambled eggs.

3. Oil

There are different kinds of oil available in the market. Of course, you need oil. Eggs are not as blessed as meat that they can cook in their own juices. They are premature chickens, after all.

We need oil to properly cook the eggs and to force it to move from its raw stage to its finished product. I usually use hot drinks, music from my mp3 player or from 8tracks (why 8tracks?), or my solitude. Sometimes, I use my own tears as oil. Those come out as high-quality eggs. Although, tears are hard to get by and are quite expensive.

For the featured product, I used music from the Science & Faith album from The Script.


1. Get your fork and whip the eggs.

There are times that I misplace my fork. When that happens, I forget to make the eggs. When I do have my fork, I go on and whisk the eggs till I see fit.

For the featured product, I have to admit that I over-whisked the eggs. And, unfortunately, anything overly done does not turn out as good as it should. I will probably make a better version of the featured product soon. Probably. Hopefully, Pacio salt could lessen much of the damage.

2. Turn up the heat and cook away.

I don’t really care if it is a gas stove or an oven or a bonfire. You just need a source of heat to cook the eggs and make it whole. Don’t forget your oil.

The heat is the catalyst to make that important chemical reaction. I usually get mine from a current experience, event, or situation.

For the featured product, Β the eggs were thrown into the fire while I was jogging and gasping for life one fine Australian spring morning.

3. Be proud and put it in a plate.

What is the point of making eggs if you are not going to serve it?

Present it in a plate that will make it most appealing and that will be consumed by many.
I am still to expand my plate collection. as of now, it is in my WordPress plate and garnished with prose.

There you go, scrambled eggs ala Villeta.

There are many variations to this.
There is the butterfly-in-stomach version.
There is the giddy-happy version.
There is the eye-awakening version.
There are many others yet my personal favorite is the emotionally-scarring scrambled eggs ala Villeta.

Wooh, I could write my own cook book.

What do you think? Tell me how yours turn out.


14 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge 19: How To Make Scrambled Eggs

  1. I`m going to try this one today, can`t wait for it. The difference between you and Sheldon, dear fellow dreamer is that Sheldon is not so humble and can`t level up with you in your creative genius! Well, maybe he can, just watch that episode where they played Guess-a-sketch. And now you know what a nerd I really am πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have to say I’m much more partial to a poached egg, there’s something about the gooey centre. However I love scrambled eggs if I’m having a full breakfast and yes I have the ability to completely f up a simple batch of scrambled eggs. Perhaps I will refer to this in future, seems foolproof! πŸ™‚ x

    Liked by 1 person

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